Sarah Pearce
I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and make my home in Bloomington Indiana. Using mostly oil paint and sometimes watercolors, I depict landscapes, both real and imagined. I’m influenced by abstract painters, and use a lot of improvisational techniques in my painting, like dripping, scraping, and layering. Each painting is a search for a new world. The painting process is one of exploration and discovery: ideas, feelings and energies that emerge are collected and stored within the paint itself, almost as in a battery. Often the result can seem quite “abstract”. If you look carefully, though, you can find plants, animals and images that come from my direct observations of the environment. While painting, I like to consider ideas that question and complicate our relationship to the physical environment, which we commonly refer to as “nature". For example: If it is “natural” for humans to make culture (including art) where does human culture fit in the larger nature? What can be considered wild anymore? What would “natural” look like?